Do You Need Help?

Do You Need Help?

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Need Help in Psychotherapy and Counseling Services

Are you wondering if you need help? It’s not always an easy question to ask ourselves. Likely, a part of you is asking for help because you’ve found this page.

In my practice, people are emotionally strained. People don’t always know why or how, but they carry a sense that something just isn’t right. When it’s taken a while to find help, that feeling can grow and impact how a person manages some daily things like stress at work, or communicating with a loved one, or making bill payments on time. Sometimes, its not apparent how affected a person is, but their body begins to give them signs. Aches and pains, being tired, lowered energy levels, or even craving unhealthy foods in excess are all signs something is not right.

Getting support is important to help you uncover the emotional strain that is impacting your life. At Being Therapy we have the therapeutic services that will help you discover your strength, build your resilience, and teach your brain and body how to respond differently. You will be in a better position to live your life in more fulfilling and productive ways.

Not sure about therapy?

You may be asking yourself: How would therapy help me? How long do I need to see someone before I feel better? What am I getting for the price of each session? Do I need to really dig into my past to feel well?

Therapy is a process. It is a way to help you discover what is impacting you negatively and how to address that. Therapy does take a bit of work and it does take time. But it doesn’t have to be long-term, in-depth or feel intrusive into your past to be effective.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is structured and evidenced-based. It is, by design, short-term. You gain skills over the course of 8 to 12 sessions that help your brain approach the same issues in new ways.

Solution Focused Therapy is also designed to be short-term. You work with a therapist to uncover your strengths and use those in new ways to solve a problem or issue that is currently impacting you.

So to help answer the first set of questions, Being Therapy offers services that can be effective in as little as 3 months and cost less than the price of a new smartphone. Most patients begin to feel positive effects from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy after only 3 sessions.

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Private Anxiety Therapy & Depression Counselling Health Care Services Ontario | Being Therapy

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