Comprehensive Medication Review Services

Are you taking medications?  How about vitamins or supplements?  Did you know even naturally derived products can have interactions and produce unwanted side effects?

At Being Therapy, we offer comprehensive medication review services that can look at what you are taking and help you understand your medications better. By knowing more about how medications and supplements work in the body, you are empowered to make decisions about your care.

Many mental health conditions come with pharmaceutical treatment.  While there are national guidelines for doctors to follow and pick a medication for you, it’s still not an exact science and not everyone responds to medications as expected. Additionally, physical conditions have treatments that can interfere with your mental health condition or emotional wellbeing.  Before assuming you’re just unwell, let a nurse at Being Therapy review things and provide some clinical insights.

When choosing to have your medications reviewed, everything you report you take, include anything you take over-the-counter, will be reviewed. You will receive support to manage possible interactions that may be causing unwanted side-effect.  If needed, suggestions on what to tell your doctor can be given.

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