Private Psychotherapy

Therapy is a process where a patient and clinician engage to understand the patient’s internal understanding about experiences in the present and from the past.  Most people refer to therapy as “talking to someone” to who is qualified to provide helpful advice. The interaction is intended to help solve problems and give the patient new skills to cope better in future.

As a nurse, I am qualified to provide therapy independently of a doctor’s order. I have set out to build an approach to therapy that is inherently nursing; with the whole being in mind.  When you choose Being Therapy, you have a clinician that is able to understand your physical and emotional symptoms as integrated parts of what you are going through.

Looking for private psychotherapy in Ontario? At Being therapy I strive to provide private psychological services to improve your emotional wellbeing. All of my services are $100 a session. Each session is about an hour and is available virtually. Services are available anywhere in Ontario where reliable internet exists.  Through a system known as Jane App, we meet online through an end-to-end encrypted link that is generated 30 minutes before every booked session.

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