It’s been a rough go with school closings and the need to maintain distance from family and friends. I am reminded of the movie Spanglish where the mother cannot phantom a relationship where her daughter is allowed to have “space”. It’s just not done in their culture, says the mother emphatically. Parents have been thrusted into a role of being everything for their children. And children may now be feeling the impacts of not having a variety of engagements they need for their development. No matter how you feel about sending your kids back into the world at large, their lives have also changed. So how are the kids? How do you know? It’s not always easy to interpret behaviours and sometimes kids don’t know how to tell us what’s feeling uncertain in their lives. You may want to have a conversation and get some advice on how to communicate with your child. Being Therapy can help you gain skills and insight that can guide your approach. Give us a call!