Involves an in-depth assessment that will be a part of your first 2 sessions. You will be asked about your health and family history, any diagnoses, any past treatments and medications, and what you would like to achieve by the last session.


The therapist will formulate a path, or a care plan, that can be used to reach your goals. The care plan is provided to you and is revised as needed with you


Weekly or every other week, the therapist will meet with you and gather an update, review what has gone well and identify key pieces that build steps towards your goals


Once the initial therapy goals have been achieved, you may wish to work on something else that was discovered in the process or begin to end services


The therapist and you will set-up a farewell session, review your goals and reinforce your strengths and what you have gained from therapy. Some overarching patterns and insights will be discussed to provide you a platform from which to feel confident that you can maintain what you have achieved.